Top 10 Lessons Learned in 2018 + Listener Guest!

December 21, 2018


In this last episode of 2018 we discuss the biggest lessons learned after 50 episodes!  Plus, we check in with a listener guest and look back on the year that was.

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Living Sober Curious w/ Ruby Warrington

December 17, 2018

Do you ever wonder if your life would be better if you didn't drink? 

On today's show Ruby Warrington is here to talk about the sober movement and her new book Sober Curious.

We discuss what not drinking can do for you and how saying goodbye to booze strengthened her spiritual practice and helped her find clarity. Could it do the same for you?

Plus, we have the TOP 5 Mindful Christmas gifts. 

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Andrea Collins



Reopening the Beautiful Parts of YOU + Low Rise Jeans are the Worst.

December 10, 2018

It's time to reopen the beautiful parts of YOU.

This week on the show international best-selling author of Love…It’s How I Manifest, and creator of the Authentic Program Series, Mandy Morris is here!

She tells you how to start over at any moment, shift your current state, and tweak what you ALREADY have!

We also discuss the science behind manifesting, light vs dark, and what truly being authentic is all about.

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The Bloated Belly Whisperer + Yoga Naps

December 3, 2018

Do you have a bloated belly? Same!

On today's show Registered Dietitian Tamara Duker Froyman  - aka THE BLOATED BELLY WHISPERER is here to discuss:

  • The truth with gluten
  • Why the word inflammation is over used
  • Her take on the Lectin Diet
  • Dieticians vs Health Coaches

Plus, is yoga exercise?  And more....

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Lets get DIRRTY + Your Skin Care Routine is Probably Ruining your FACE.

November 19, 2018


Turns out we all need to take a less is more approach when it comes to our skincare routine. This week Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is here to explain why we need to stop overwashing and become more aware of how we're being brainwashed by the skincare industry. She has a book out called Beyond Soap and it's fascinating.

In this episode we also talk about Goop protesters and why I'm suddenly SO SWEATY. Ew.




Fear is NOT an Option + My Encounter w/ Jude Law + Signs from the Universe

November 12, 2018

Is fear holding you back? This week we talk with Monica Berg, about how FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION. We're gonna address your fear and step right into that biotch. Check out her book here.

Plus, I was with Jude freeking Law last week and I have something to report back to you.

That and sooooo much more.

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Cute Fall Booties Playlist HERE. 





Trusting Your Gut - Talking to Your Past Self - 2019 Food Trends + ALL THE GIVEAWAYS!

October 29, 2018

Is your past holding you back? Today on the show Jeanette Schneider, author of LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future is here to help you work through it. We talk about how to move forward, trust your gut and be the confident woman you know you can be.

Also, a Whole Foods exec spills the beans on the biggest food trends for 2019. 

and ALL THE GIVEAWAYS including Jeanette's book and tix to a super cool cannabis event going down at @thequietco

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Why You Should Drink More Coffee (Yesssssss)

October 22, 2018

Are you scared to start something new because you feel like an impostor?  Do those feelings creep up on you at work? In life? Today Catherine Farquharson is here to help us overcome Impostor Syndrome with some easy steps you can start today.

Also, how do snacks and your zodiak sign work together? Oh you're gonna find out...

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How to Eat so it Works for YOU + Giselle Bundchen drops Life Lesson bombs on us all

October 15, 2018

Are you confused on what you should eat??? Same.

On this week's episode Holistic Nuitritionist + Emotional Eating Coach, Rachel Molenda helps us figure out WHAT THE HELL WE SHOULD BE EATING when there are so many mixed messages out there.

Plus, Giselle Bundchen opens up about her life and what she has learned along the way. Watch the full interview HERE.

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I’m Done with Inspiration + What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch (Lolz) + Fall Playlist

October 1, 2018


Last week a newletter went viral when it called out the fact that some of the online wellness world is feeling like BS. The author, Rebecca Perrin, is here today to tell us why women are loving her message. You need to hear this.

Plus, What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch cause I know the basic side of you wants to know.

And I unveil the Mindful (mostly) FALL Playlist which you can listen to HERE!